Picked Up Maxine “Max” September 2018 at 7 weeks from Buck and Aggie. This is the best family and hunting dog I have ever had. She has traveled with us to Yellowstone and all over the country. When it comes to hunting she has tremendous drive and just won’t quit. She could pass as Aggie’s twin.

Ken Conger

Dear Alexander Family,

Words cannot express the joy and emotion of owning and having these fabulous dogs. They were truly part of the family and got along with anything and everyone. Everyone gave compliments regarding obedience and temperament from an early age. I often joked that British Labs bark with an "accent".

It was very hard putting them down at the end of November 2020 after 11 years. They were sick and we've kept pets before and kept those around longer than we should have = so we knew when it was "time". It went by so fast, but life does that.

I truly look forward to the day I can give you a call and let you know I am ready. It gets closer and I don't want to miss the opportunity to share my time and life with such wonderful animals. Thank you for all you do and may you and your family be blessed!

With thanks and gratitude to Ricky and the Alexander Family,

James and Mary Bentley

Grant and Ricky,

Thought that I'd catch up after 2 1/2 years. Finn is 10 1/2 now, and still retrieving. He was a Rock Star on Snow Geese last year in Saskatchewan.

Blue really came on and handled the work excellently on Ducks and Specks.

They both teamed up for me on Sharptails and Partridge.

They go to work with me everyday and are loved by all. Couldn't have gotten better dogs than these two to fit me.

All the best, Pete McConville

Hope you and the family are doing well! This Ben and Abbie Pilgrim. This text is long overdue, but wanted to give you the ~6 month update on "Lucy". She has been incredible from the get go, she’s just as sweet as she is smart! We couldn’t have asked for a better pup, so thank you again for Lucy! Wanted to share with you some pics/videos, so you can add to your photo bank.

Hope the twins are doing well!

Ben and Abbie


I got the black male out of the February 22 2016 Scooby/Libby litter and named him Apollo. I must say I was very impressed with him from day 1, he took to basic obedience and house training faster than any dog I have owned before. I started some light retrieving work with him a couple weeks after I picked him up. Holding at heel until sent out for the retrieve, very short memory retrieves and stuff like that.In early August I moved to south Florida to work on a quail hunting plantation with its own British Labrador kennel. Once I got here I took advantage having an accomplished British gun dog trainer living next door for tips and advice as far as progressing my pups training working on whistle and hand signals, steadying to wing and shot, longer memory retrieves, marking multiple birds/dummies down, etc. He has picked numerous quail and pheasant, and even a couple ducks since coming down here. Right now he is in the middle of a 2 month stretch at an excellent British Labrador trainers kennel receiving some more advanced training.

All in all I am very happy and impressed with this young boy. I have attached a somewhat recent photo of him with his first mallard he picked while doing some training at 10 months old.

Thanks, Joseph Warden

Pink is a beautiful Black Labrador Retriever, with a great personality and a passion for hunting and training. A 70 pound petite female, Pink was easily house and kennel trained and demonstrates all the characteristics of a great family dog, with a playful and energetic demeanor.

While having hunted with other folk’s dogs for several years, Pink is my first attempt to train. Her natural skills as a hunter and retriever truly outshine my abilities as a trainer and handler. Our time afield has been limited to mostly upland hunting for pheasant in North Dakota and Pennsylvania where Pink has displayed a great nose and thorough work ethic. At two-years old, Pink earned her Started Retriever title, despite me, and will be working on her Hunting Retriever and Working Upland Retriever titles this year.

Some may think that Pink is slightly spoiled and they are probably correct, as she would much rather ride in the front of the truck, than the crate in the back, which I often allow her to do. But Pink is truly a member of the family and likes to stay by our side as we putter around the house, work in the yard or just hang out watching TV.

All in all, Pink is the perfect dog for our family.

Eric Johnston - Lebanon PA.

Hey Ricky,

Just wanted to thank you for another wonderful dog!! Ginger is just as smart as Cody, (maybe a little smarter, but don't tell him :) ). Even though I don't use them for hunting, they are the best pet/companion dogs in the world!!! Ginger is going to be a great watch dog too, very big bark at 6 months. Wish I could meet Carl, he must be really something. I am so glad I got another one of his kids. Thanks for being in the business!!


We are the proud owners of Miley. We purchased her via Betsy McKinney. She is out of Altiquin Grit and Lizzie Faye...I believe. She is seriously the MOST amazing dog. We receive compliments nearly daily. She technically belongs to our nine year old daughter, Olivia, but she travels to the mountains and the lake and all the places in between. She is our constant loving companion.

We are thinking of adding to our family for our son and so Miley can have a playmate. I watch your litters all of the time. Of course we want the same great breeding and disposition as Miley. Might you be able to help us in our search for another great girl?!

thank you, Sarah Oenning

Just wanted to send you guys a few shots of Beau who was a male I got from you guys back in September of 2013. He came from the Blaze and Duchess litter and I just want to let you guys know that he is AMAZING!! Right now he's out at Hendricks Kennels in Katy TX going through his advanced retriever training. We will see how this goes and begin looking into the field trial hunt test direction! I will definately be back in a few years to get my second! Thanks again so much!

Spencer Honeycutt

Ricky, Grant,

I bought a female pup out of Carl and Rachel her name is Mccormick's awesome sadie. She will try her junior hunt test on 5-9-2015 at the big woods in Tennessee colony texas at 6 months of age. What a pleasure it has been training this pup. The drive is unbelievable. My wife is also amazed at how well behaved she is in the house. Thanks again for your breeding. Steve MCcormick.

She works very hard. Had been everything I needed in a hunting dog and a friend. Thank you for what you do in providing working men with working dogs!

Clay Gann

Hey Ricky, I wanted to touch base with you one more time. I have been partnered up with FINN for 5 years now this coming spring. He is out of Jenny x Carl. You may remember that I was supposed to get a pup out of Nellie x Craigshorn Bracken, however she lost that litter.

That was bad luck for you, but a hidden blessing for me. Finn not only hunts at a Master level, but he also goes to work with me every day. He is exposed to many different people and situations. This also entails morning and evening boat rides in the summer, in which he handles the bow line and will pull the boat into the dock in a stiff wind. Or Snowmobile rides to work in the winter, he balances himself between me and the gas tank, looks through the windshield, and is quite agile. On the jobsite he will carry tools to my coworkers in tight spots under buildings.

His tail has not stopped wagging since we met him at the airport at 8 weeks old. He wags from his ribcage to the tip of his tail. He's got more common sense than a lot of people that I know. He's smart and happy, a joy to be around. What more can you ask for in a dog.

When he was only 2yrs. old, l took him to the Stuttgart Arkansas region where he did the retrieving for 3 of us. The Guide was flabbergasted, he never saw a dog so steady, and proficient in his work. I know that everyone thinks that their dog is tops. The people who know Finn, wish their dog was more like him. He's a special fella. We fit each other as a hand in glove.

I am attaching a couple of links, the first is a web site for Guideboat Co. When you go to it, the photos in the top banner will change, Finn and I are the 7th photo or so. The next link is just of Finn in the magazine. Then just an attached photo from last year.

Thanks for Finn, I wouldn't trade him for any dog out of Craigshorn Bracken, your Carl (Workingmans Turf Boy) is a great stud dog.

Pete McConville

Thanks for this wonderful addition to our family! He is super smart and has great temperament!

Mike Ward

Bayou the Cajun Swamp Hound, seen here with owner John Butera, completed the FetchMasters Finished Upland and Advanced Waterfowl programs.

Bayou cane from Working Man Gun Dogs in Poynor, Texas, and was trained by FetchMasters in Denver, CO.

This dog is absolutely unstoppable on land and water. No batteries (or shock collars) required.


Best Regards,Tom Aaron
FetchMasters, LLC

Good Afternoon Ricky,

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know my dog is off the hook! We have had an exceptional waterfowl season and Hunter is getting his fair share. He will go over 100 field retrieves on goose alone this year, all well as countless retrieves on ducks. I have attached pictures for you to see. All of this out of a one year old, truly beyond my wildest expectations!

Thanks again for breeding exceptional puppies that with the right care make exceptional dogs!

James F. Spedden
Vice President, CPS
Chesapeake Protection Services


Walter is a little over a 1 ½ years old now, out of Wicklewood Hall Beautiful Heidi and Rockenhart Voyager “Sam”. Walter is my second British Lab, and he had big shoes to fill! I can proudly say he is a fantastic dog! He is wise beyond his years, we had him doing sit/stay at 3 months old, he now has mastered “sit’, “hear”, “wait”, “heel” and is doing great on his retrieves. He is calm around the house, great with little kids, and recently we had a party with over 50 people and he circulated socially the whole time making a believer out of dog -overs and non-dog-lovers alike. Walter lives in Hollywood CA, and while he hasn’t had a chance to hunt yet, his championship smarts make him a pleasure to work with as he hikes off leash every day in the Santa Monica Mountains and greets one and all who we encounter on the trail. We couldn’t be happier with him, he is the sweetest little guy and incredibly smart and driven. I’ve attached some photos of him, one in Wisconsin as a pup, and several at the Beach in Santa Barbara, he had a blast!

P.S. I just referred a new customer to you, and you should be getting an order soon.

Best regards,

Josh Meyers

Hi, Here are some pictures of Duke with all his title ribbons. Just wanted to Thank You for breeding such a outstanding Dog! Looking forward to running Duke in the seasoned UKC hunt test this Spring. How is Grit's Pups doing, very excited to own another one of your dogs!


Tiffany A Kennedy

Hi Ricky,

Just wanted to tell you that we are really happy with the pair of pups we purchased from you. Owning a shooting preserve and being a professional trainer and handler for over twenty years, we get to see a ton of bird dogs. Most of the labs that hunt here on the preserve, or those that we have trained, have lacked the drive and application that we have become accustomed to raising, breeding, and campaigning English Pointers and English Setters on the national circuit. However; these two British Labradors have what it takes to get the job done! We put them in the roading harness next to our Champion Pointers and Setters for over sixty minutes and they drive just as hard! It is truly a great sight to see. They are not only extremely athletic but just great dogs to have around our farm. They have become a great addition to our team of bird dogs! Thank you for being a conscientious breeder.

-Garry and Jillian Malzone
Indian Creek Kennels and Shooting Preserve

Man this is one awesome pup. In less than a week he has made himself right at home. He is so laid back and a pleasure to be around. Hunter picks everything up real quick. Already have him retrieving my daughters toys (she ain't too happy about that) and he is excited to do it. My wife has fallen in live with him as well and we might be looking to purchase a female from another litter in the future. Thanks again.

Normand Lambert

Hi, thought you might like an update on Jenny (Sam and Heidi's daughter) she retrieved her first pheasants today (at 6 months old) and loved every second of it. The second photo was taken at the end of the day and that is her happy, smiley face it comes with a full body tail wag!

Ricky and Grant, attached is a pic of Belle with her first retrieves in Tallahatchie Co, Ms. Belle is out of Angus and Kech (b.11-12-11). She has great natural hold and drive, and gets birdier every time we take her to the blind. As you can see she’s a beauty with a very sweet nature and calmness in the house. We are looking forward to many enjoyable days of hunting with her in the Delta.

Thanks for such a great dog.

Merry Christmas!


I have 4 dogs from Working Man Gundogs . You are the king of British Lab Breeding in the United States and i could not be more impressed with the dogs i have . Beaux and Drake are out of Remus band are the hardest charging dogs i have ever witnessed. They are a 1 yr and 7 months old and are all you could ever ask for and are duck retrieving machines.Cloe and Ruger are our newest additions. Cloe is out of Rockin Heart Voyager and is the most well behaved female i have seen , and Ruger is out of Delfleet Neon, right now he is a mischievous pup but sure hope he turns out like his pappy LoL. Just wanted to say thanks for the most incredible dogs i could ask for.

Thanks, Roger Wiegand

Hey Ricky,

This is Elizabeth, I came out to your kennel with Mark back in December. We bought a black female out of Grit and Heidi, and named her 'Echo' - WCK Brackin's Black Echo.

I absolutely ADORE this puppy! She is amazing! I have been training dogs professionally for almost 10 years now for breeder and other trainers; I have worked with Rody Best of Best Retrievers, Jeff Brown of DawgOnIt Retrievers and Dawn Bello of Iron Spike Kennels, recently opened my own kennel and I have never had a dog learn so fast.

She is very intelligent, focused, willing, high drive and wonderful personality. I take her with me everywhere now and cannot wait for her first hunting season.

She is just turned 5 months old, makes marked and blind water and land retrieves to hand, casts from 50-200 yards and has an amazing nose! I have turned down numerous people offering to buy her including a pro trainer. She recently got me booked for The Wildlife and Woodlands show in Conroe for a training demo and she WOWed everyone there. People couldn't believe a pup as young as her could be so well behaved and well trained.

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with her and what a testament she is to your breeding program and the British and Irish labs in general.


Elizabeth Annette and Echo

Flutie looking cool in my shades. I love this dog.

At 18 months this is a little female that gets it done on the Ohio River! I purchased this pup out of Rona when she was in Ohio.

Thank you, Brian Vinson

Ricky and Grant,

Jessica and I couldn't be happier with the pup and working with you guys. He is awesome. He has a great temperament and no fear. He is practically house broken already. We really appreciate you and are spreading the word to friends and family. We will let you know when we are ready for another one.

Sean Halse

Mr. Alexander,

Wanted to tell you once again how pleased we are with our two pups out of Remus and Lizzie. They are by far the best dogs I have ever worked with or had the pleasure of owning. Both dogs have really taken off since duck season has begun, now more than half way thru their first season. Both have over 75 birds under their belt . Starting in February they are going to their first hunt test in Lake Charles, La, and hoping to compete in more in the months to follow. Here are some pictures of both Beaux and Drake with some of their birds this season.

Thanks again, Brett and Tanner Wiegand

Ricky and Grant,

I wanted to send you some pictures of Fee. We bought her from you in early October. I want to thank you. She is an absolutely wonderful dog. She has been very easy to train. She has a wonderful disposition. We are very happy we got our Labrador from you guys.


Jani Jeane

Ole' Gage will be 6 yrs old in December. He is still a pleasure around the house, pool and grandkids. He loves the water and has been hunted a LOT on doves and pheasants in Texas and Kansas. Probably has had hundreds of retrieves on doves in every kind of field and ponds. Great nose and better left alone when sent on a retrieve than trying to assist him. ha ha Still calm as a cucumber and speed to burn on his retrieves. He doesn't know what a kennel in the bed of the truck is anymore. His "place" is the back seat now. His working weight is still 52 lbs year around. I love the way he doesn't take up a lot of room and has to know someone before he will approach them at all. Better than jumping and licking everyone! I will never own a large Labrador again. Hunting friends are amazed at his size and calm demeanor. Won't ever forget our visit and the favor you did by selling me Gage.

Best wishes, Larry in North Texas.

Hi Ricky,

My name is Kristen Hanson and we live in Austin. On April 30, we attended the Elizabeth Ann Seton Gala here in Austin and came home from that auction with a black lab Workingman Gun Dog pup. Callie has fit right in to our family- we have four children ages 2-8 and also have an 11 year old yellow lab. She is a great looking dog and seems to be smart and sweet too. She was in the litter that was born on Feb 19, 2011 and her parents are Atlquin Grit and Wicklewoods Duchess of Holly. Our kids would love to see pictures of her parents if you have any to send along. Also, it is probably time to think about training and wondered if you had any advice or recommendations.

Just wanted to check in on the above and to thank you for our great dog.


Kristen Hanson

Hello Ricky, Thought you might like to see Charley (via Carl & Sadie) on his 2nd birthday. He is the best dog I've ever had and is a wonderful companion. Isn't he the spittin' image of Carl? Couldn't be happier and I'm looking forward to getting him a sister is a couple of years. Hope you're still in the business when we're ready.

Best Regards,

Rick Peters

Just wanted to send you a recent photo of Duchess and to let you know what a joy she has been to our family. Duchess did well even from the beginning and was house trained within the first week. Duchess is very intelligent and is such a great companion for our family. We live near lakes and wooded areas in which she enjoys taking walks and has also jumped in some of the nearby lakes for a swim while the family has been out fishing. My husband looks forward to taking her hunting. Duchess also enjoys playing soccer with the boys. Thanks again for your kindness!


Tonda Ricker


Just wanted to give you an update on the pup I got from you.

My daughter named her and it means Beautiful Black Girl.

Within the first week she was home, she was already going to the front door when she needed out. Accidents have been few and when there are it's always by the door. Seems more like human error than dog error. By nine weeks she had sit down to a T and by ten weeks, she'll sit and stay when being fed until she's told to get it. This pup lives to retrieve. She is also doing pretty good on not braking until told. I'm sure this is a trainer issue and not a trainee issue. Most importantly... the whole family loves her and she loves us back. THANKS for what is turning out to be a GREAT dog.


Chuck Jordan

I now own two dogs from your kennel, and I want to highly recommend Workingman Gundogs for the quality of your bloodlines, the hunting ability of your dogs, and the overall temperament of your dogs, especially your pups out of Carl. Your dogs have been the absolute easiest to train of any dogs I've worked with through my years with British Labradors. I am including a picture of "Gus" (Carl X Betsy). He's only one year old, and he's coming off of an incredible season with both water and upland game. Best hunting and family dog I've ever had, hands down. Thanks again for the work you do with your dogs. I couldn't be happier!

-Betsy McKinney

Hey Ricky, Its Justin Bakewicz from Long Island, NY . I bought a pup from you at the end of July. Just want to tell you that Remi is doing great .He has been hunting a lot so far sitting in the blind getting the hang of things. People are going nuts over him and I tell them all about you and how good you are with your dogs. If you could send me up some business cards I will pass them to everyone. My hunting guide service as been taking off very well. Remi will be going out with the hunting parties and I'm sure that they will ask about the dog .I would like to pass your name over to them. I would also like to know when the next set of pups will being coming out of Buck or Nellie girl .They are both beautiful dogs and both my mom and I would like to check them out and maybe get one some time in the future if u mate them. Let me know what is going on give me a ring at 6319659251. Keep in touch .

Justin Bakewicz

Bella – 9 Months old on her first Dove Hunt…She did a great job and has become a fantastic dog…She spends pretty much all the time with me…she even goes to work with me everyday…She loves to ride on the back of the 4-wheeler and loves riding in the airplane.. Thanks for a wonderful dog..

Jim Delzer

Buddy and Woody, both dogs are doing great and it our pleasure to have them on the waterfowlers edge pro-staff. These pictures were taken out on Long Island Sound on a windy day with 3 to 5 foot wave height. In one of the pictures you can see Buddy body surfing the wave in. I had the 2 of them running bumper for about an hour. They did great running 50 yard bumpers in heavy surf, it was great. both dog are a pleasure to have and be around. thank you so much.

George Coalson,
waterfowlers edge

Hope all is well! I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Hazel, my yellow pup. She was a joy to work with from the very moment I brought her home. I have never had a dog respond so well to the training, or learn so fast. I have trained dogs professionally since I was 14, and have never seen a dog learn as quickly as she did. Everyone I hunted with was thoroughly impressed with how well she performed, and at such a young age. She ended the season at 10 months old, and has over 300 birds under her belt. I'm extremely pleased with every aspect of my gun dog. I can't wait to pick up my black male in May! I wanted to wait and see what breed of dog I liked the best before i got two dogs, and I have found my breed! Thanks for everything,


Mark and Hazel

I saw that you added a foto of "MEMPHIS" onto your website. Thank you! Although it was not a very good foto, he really is a great dog. He is extremely smart and happy. I don't think i've ever seen him not wagging his tail. I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that Memphis is doing very well. I'll send you some better fotos of him real soon. Thanks again.

John Gonzalez


Just wanted you to know that Charley is doing fine in West Texas. He adapted immediately to his crate and didn't utter a whimper on the way home until about 45 minutes out. He was quite hungry when we finally got here. He slept through the night until 5:30 AM (this morning until 6:30).He is definitely going to be the great dog we both thought he would be. He went to the vet yesterday for his shots.He was worth every mile there and back and is integrating seamlessly with our cats. Hope you enjoy the pictures. It was great meeting you. Felt like we had known each other a number of years. Many thanks for Charley and best of luck.

Rick Peters

Ricky, I really can't believe the progress we have already made with our 8 week old yellow male pup 'Yukon'. He comes when HERE is commanded and also SITS on command and is house broke. WAIT is just around the corner. Carl and Jennie sure do produce wonderful pups. He is heads and tails above any other lab I have ever owned at this age and can only expect the same progress in the future. I can guarantee that if anyone has purchased or will purchase in the future a pup from you, they will not be disappointed. I have attached a few pictures of our 3 future duck hunters. Thanks for your help and hardwork you have put in to WorkingMan GunDog Kennels. Happy Hunting!

---Seth and Amber

Mr. Alexander,

I got a yellow lab pup from you just about a year ago while I was down in Texas visiting my dad (Bob McFarlane). I knew he would be more of a sucker about getting me a dog than my mother. I have to tell you Niro is the best dog ever. He is the most obedient, loving dog I could ever ask for. He was so easy to train. He comes everywhere with me in Boston - I would say on average 1-2 people stop me a day and compliment how well trained he is and ask where I took him to get trained. His obedient behavior isn't a reflection of my training skills (trust me) but rather what an amazing dog he is. I feel so lucky that I ran across your information on the web last year. Thank you so much for this absolutely incredible dog! I've attached a picture of him - he's a handsome little feller'

Hope all your pooches are doing well!


Hi Ricky,

I hope all is well with you and your family. Cassie and Cole are doing great and growing. Today at the vet, they weighed 25 and 28 pounds! Leash training is coming along well and they already love the water. We have ducks around the lake and they get to see, smell and hear all of it. They are interested in birds, but NOT "barky" or uncontrollable. Cassie is a bit leaner than Cole and has lots of energy. She is fast and likes to have things in her mouth. She is definitely wanting to please. Cole is such a handsome boy. He too has good amounts of energy. They both crate trained in no time at all and are 99% house broken. I am very happy and proud of them. They know sit & stay, here and are learning heel.

Please feel free to use my email or pictures on your site.


James Bentley

We got a black puppy from you last Christmas. (We were the ones who contacted you through Chris Lane - who got a yellow pup) I can not begin to tell you how much we adore this little puppy! She was a Christmas gift for my 24 year old son, who had to bring her back home after realizing he did not have time to house train her with his long work hours. I trained her and put her into petsmart obedience classes (which she excelled at). Unfortunately, he has taken my well trained, wonderful, puppy that I fell in love with back to Austin!!

Thanks - Sally

Ricky, I just wanted to drop you a line. I got the puppy out of Carl & Sadie home. Liz and the boys love her. You have done a great job with your kennels. I know she will be a joy to work with.


Just a note let you know, how tootie is doing. She is really growing nearly tripled in size, she is doing very well in her training. Trevor has her completely house broke, sitting and at night going into her kennel at bedtime. We are really excited about the drive Tootie already has, she is going to be a wonderful dog. Will email some pictures later.Thanks for the opportunity for Trevor to have pick of the litter.

Thanks for your time.

Bryan, Connie, Trevor and Tootie