Question #1: What are British Labs?

The qualities of British Labs are undeniable. British Labs are bred for their biddable nature, which makes training and handling much easier. The selective line-breeding of these Labs makes for the ultimate shooting dogs for the dove hunter, upland bird hunter, or the discriminating waterfowler. The benefit of owning one dog that will be equal at home or in the field is immeasurable for the everyday working man.

British Labs are intelligent, trainable, steady, and have a keen nose to sniff out those cripples. They are calm, quiet-no-whining dogs. They make the ultimate family companion. In short, these are well-mannered efficient retrievers.

On a typical British shoot, the dogs are required to be steady to shot and fall where 50 birds are shot, all the while being at heel and remaining quiet.

British Labs are required to deliver to hand. If they don't, they are culled from the gene pool– understandable when you consider a typical shoot's economics. If a problem arises in delivery, it is easily eradicated by teaching the hold command. If you purchase a British Lab from Workingman Gundogs, you will be admired and noticed for the ultimate retriever. But more than that, you will be envied for your friend, companion, and hunting partner.

Question 2: What is the typical weight of an adult British lab dog?

In adulthood, the typical British or Irish female lab is between 50-60 lbs, and the male is between 60-70 lbs. They are the perfect size for the boat, field, blind, or home.

Question 3: Are they birdy or hard-driven?

Our bird dogs are hard-driven, calm dogs. They are known for containing their energy and excitement– giving you the optimal hunting experience. You can quickly train our dogs not to break until released to get the bird and deliver to hand. You see, the British have bred out what the Americans have to train out.

Question 4: How do we get our pup?

We do not fly our pups. Our pups are delivered to you through our trusted carrier in an air conditioned Mercedes van. We deliver as far west as Denver and as far east as New York.