British and Irish Labradors
Field Champion Gundogs for the Working Man

Exceptional British and Irish Labs

The gentleman gundog. British labs are intelligent, extremely trainable, and have a keen nose to sniff out those cripples. Our shooting dogs can heel and remain quiet until you’ve finished the flock and retrievers are allowed to do their work. Like a gentleman, our dogs are bred to remain in perfect control.

The calm companion. British labs are bred to remain calm and collected on demand. Perfect for the family– our dogs are well mannered and easily adjust from the field to the family. Even as small pups, they are eager to please with beginning commands like sit, stay, or come.

The Best of Both Worlds

Workingman Gundogs strives to provide the blue-collar working man with affordable, high-performing pups with the drive and desire to perform on the field. If you want a pup for waterfowl, upland, service dog, or hunt test dog, we can bring you the best of both worlds while still being the beloved family pet everyone wants.

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Health Guarantee

Our dogs are bred with clean stock– so your puppy will be genetically clear of hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, or exercise-induced collapse. That means we are confident enough to offer future owners a 30-month guarantee.


Enjoy field champion retrievers at affordable prices. Champion bloodline dogs don't have to be expensive– only afforded by the elite. Everyone can afford the exceptional British and Iris labs with Workingman Kennels.

Quality Blood Lines

Since 2007, we have been breeding International Gundog League (IGL) champions. Our dogs boast champion pedigrees and can navigate any number of field distractions successfully. Now you can have a perfect dog for the family and the field.

Duck Hunting Dogs for All

Are you looking for a highly intelligent breed that analyzes situations more so than other breeds? Workingman Gundogs breeds affordable yet calm, sweet-loving, and even-tempered dogs that are easy to train and have a soft hand both on the field and at home.

The Gentleman's Dog at Everyman's Price

We also donate $58 from all puppy sales to St. Judes.
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Get Your New Pup Common Questions

Black, Yellows, Fox Reds

At Workingman Gundogs, we not only strive to give you the color and gender of puppy you want, but we want to fit you with the right puppy for your needs. Visit with our breeder to determine the best puppy for you.


All of our puppies are bred to be easily socialized with other dogs, animals, social situations, and people. Socialization is an essential first step to trainability. Contact us today to learn more about our available puppies.

Breeding Rights

Unlike many field-champion gundog breeders, our pups come with breeding rights. Breed responsibly, you can ensure the quality bloodline of our pups is passed on in an ethical manner. With us you can register future litters with kennel clubs & the AKC.

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