The purpose of Workingman Gundogs is to make authentic British Labrador shooting dogs available and affordable for the workingman.

No longer will a select elite few be the only ones to enjoy these special Labradors!

Through a careful breeding process the quality of labs bred at Workingman Kennels will be sustained and improvement will be the goal.

Honest straight forward information and services are our policy.

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Irish & British Labrador Retrievers

The Labs at Workingman Kennels are out the British field trial gene pool. Our commitment to excellence in our breeding program will not be compromised for a quick dollar.

The British Field Trial gene pool is the foundation for our breeding program, and it makes for the best opportunity for the everyday hunter to own and enjoy these excellent retrievers.

Potential and Trainability

Desire to Please

A dog with a good attitude and a desire to please will make for a dog that is easy to train and a pleasure to be with!

Desire to Retrieve

The desire to retrieve is bred in the dog over years of quality genes and field champion bloodlines.

Steady and Obedient

50% of your time should be spent on obedience, steadying, and honor drills if you want a non-slip retriever.


British Labs are highly intelligent dogs. They absorb lessons taught rather quickly. You won't need a PHD in dog training to get the desired results.


British Labs out of the Field Trial gene pool are game-finding athletes.

A dog's potential and trainability is determined by the breeding. Excellence is never achieved by chance.

Our dogs have an exuberant desire to please and have impeccable manners in home or field. When you wrap exuberant desire and impeccable manners into a training plan, you will have a fine gundog and family member.

Pedigree for Mating

We use frozen semen to consolidate the past with the present. Prominent sires will have a major influence on future breedings at Workingman Kennels.

While dams don't have the opportunity to influence the same as sires, breeding history has shown that some dams offer a major influence in championships.

We acquired our brood dogs to produce the best pups, not by pot luck chance breeding—this sets us apart from other breeders. We have assembled the finest group of dogs you can find anywhere. Pedigrees matter.


"Gundog training is the art of the Possible. The greatest possible is PACK LEADERSHIP. Pack leadership must be demonstrated in each 24 hour period of kennel life of the dog. This demonstration must not be boastful, threatening, or by use of excessive force. This demonstration must be a matter of factly or just the way it is in the pack life to keep the pack mentality constant between the leader and the pack. We are shooting for to be the respected leader, not the affectionate petter." LEADERS TRAIN----PETTERS GET TRAINED.

Professional trainers command respect. Amateurs are content with affection. Become the pack leader and training will be easier because there will be a cooperative spirit in the dog. Once we have established pack leadership, an essential precursor to formal training, you are wondering what to do.

Here are some thoughts or facts tie out, relieve on command, eat in front of dog with dog sitting and watching, make the dog sit and wait at feeding time, make the dog sit to toot of whistle then feed, make the dog sit and wait when you go thru doors, cross fences or enter or exit any gates. No jumping on people. No chew toys. Come when called, and no roughhousing with pups. Finally, no more than two retrieves a day. Keep pups wanting more. Fun bumpers - Just say no.

Here is a list of books I would recommend. "Leader Of The Pack" by Nancy Baer and Steve Duno, "Be The Pack Leader" by Cesar Milan, and "British Training for American Retrievers" by Vic Barlow.

Workingman Kennels

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