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After much research and many discoveries, I found the British Labrador. The qualities of these British Labs are undeniable. British Labs are bred for their biddable nature which makes training and handling much easier. The selective line breeding of these Labs make for consummate shooting dog for the dove hunter, upland bird hunter, or the discriminating water fowler. The economy or thrift of owning one dog that will be equal at home or in the field is immeasurable for the every day workingman.

British Labs are intelligent, trainable, have a keen nose to sniff out those cripples, calm, quite-no whining, ultimate family companion, steady, and readily honors other working dogs. In short these are well-mannered efficient retrievers. On a typical British shoot the dogs will be required to be steady to shot and fall where 50 birds are shot, all the while being at heel and remaining quiet. When all birds are down then retrievers are allowed to work. There might be two, three, four, or any number of dogs working at the same time independent of the other dogs while other dogs remain under perfect control. Imagine any number of other distractions and this is simply amazing. No wonder they are referred to as gentleman gundogs.

Recently attended a hunt test and all everyone I spoke with wanted to do was talk about their new E-COLLAR. In U.K. you nearly never encounter an E-Collar. The reason lies in the superior breeding program. Now, about the the force fetch. British Labs are required to deliver to hand. If they don't they are culled from the gene pool. This is understandable when you take into consideration the economics of a typical shoot. If a problem arises in delivery it is easily eradicated by teaching the hold command. If you purchase a British Lab from WORKINGMAN GUNDOGS you will be admired and noticed for the ultimate retriever. But more than that you will be envied for the friend, companion, and hunting partner that will be YOUR dog.

"The true measure of a man's wealth is how well he is invested in Eternity." -- Thomas Hunter Romine

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