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Waterford Harris of Featherfly - "Max"


Mistigris Finn of Featherfly -


("Hoot") -

Date of birth 10/13/2010

Health Clearances
Eyes CERF Clear
EIC- Clear

Hoot is 62lbs of muscle and desire with an eager to learn personality. He is a great companion in the house or in the field. By 18 months old he qualified in 12 out of 12 NAHRA hunt tests to earn his first 3 titles. He will run with the big dogs in the spring. He is a good marker, runs good lines on land and water, handles well on cold blinds, very good upland hunter, and will trail a cripple till he finds it. He is a fast dog with a lot of eye appeal and very intent on his job, but is under control at all times. I have never used an e-collar or force fetched or forced him to do anything. He does his job because he enjoys it as a well bred dog should. In short, he is the real deal.

Hoot played very well with the big dogs this year. He passed his first NAHRA Senior Test on 4/21/13. On 5/11/13, he earned his Master Hunter Retriever (MHR) title. He earned an invitation to the NAHRA Invitational, NAHRA's national double pointed tests August 8, 9 and 10. By qualifying in this test, he earned the points to earn the title GMHR (Grand Master Hunting Retriever). Hoot was retired from competition on 8/10/13, 3 months before his third birthday. Earning his GMHR at this age is a testament to his mind and trainability. From now on it's just hunting, which he also does very well. I have two of his pups out of different mothers and they are training just like he did.


Workingman's Fendawood Dancing Brave- ("Buck") -


Buck is a short and stockey retrieving machine weighing in at 55lbs, with a desire to please his handler second to none. His sire is Del Fleet Neon of Fendawood who is the 2010 and 2012 I.G.L. championship winner and generations of champion bloodlines all through out. He throws split litter with blacks and yellows, and has produced some excellent field and family dogs. Stud service is available upon request.

Workingman's Handsome Red Ruby - ("Rudy") -



Rudy is one handsome stud dog and is probably one of our most popular stud choices. He is a beautiful, dark foxred color with excellent confirmation. This awesome appearance is coupled with a desire to retrieve that is matched by none. Rudy's pedigree speaks for itself: Pocklea Remus, Sam of Drakeshead, Mark of Drakeshead, Tasco Rouble of Bedgebrook, and Shorthorn Ninja (second in the 1998 IGL Championship). Rudy's pups are excellent, inheriting not only his winning looks, but his friendly-yet-driven disposition.

Kyoto Agreement - ("Blaze") - - Retired


Blaze was imported from Scotland out of Tweedshot Kennels. His sire is Tweedshot Kite, the winner of the 2004 IGL Championship. Even as impressive as this is, the dam's pedigree may have even more influence on Blaze's extraordinary talents. From the dam’s line there are four champions of influential sires in recent history: Breeze of Drakeshead, (the winner of 1985, 1986, and 1987 IGL Championship); Tibea Tosh; Swinbrook Twig; and Sam of Drakeshead. Blaze and Remus are almost equal in ability; Blaze, however, has him on speed and athleticism. Blaze passes on these traits to his pups. He is just another example of another Workingmangundogs’ fine hunting companion.

Wilfred Wilbur - ("Scooby") - - Retired

Stud Service Available


Scooby is the perfect specimen of a Labrador: a square head with a broad muzzle, a thick tail, exactly 73 pounds of rock hard muscle, speed, style, an excellent nose and a beautiful foxred color. Scooby has it all. Scooby’s sire is Mediterean Blue, a four-time qualifier for the IGL Championship and the sire of the 2010 winner Delfleet Neon of Fendawood. Scooby is as fine a foxred British Labrador that you will find in all of North America. Perfect in the home and excellent in the field, Scooby is an example of a fine hunting companion.

Altiquin Grit - ("Grit") - - Retired


Grit’s predigree is a step above just about any sire you can find. His pedigree reads like a “Who’s Who” among British Labrador Field Trial Champions. Grit’s sire is Myreton Diablo of Glenloch, the winner of the Irish Retriever Championship in both 2004 and 2006. Some of the other champions in Grit’s pedigree include Baldonian Baron of Craighorn, Lochmuir Bonny, Drakeshead Gypsy, Pocklea Remus, Sam of Drakeshead, and Mark of Drakeshead. The list just goes on; check it out for yourself. The bottom line is that Grit is 78 pounds of rock solid athleticism, powerful in both the field and the water. He is everything a lab should be inside the house and out in the field. My hat is off to Mr. Paul Toal for having bred such a fine dog.

Workingman's Turf Boy - ("Carl") - - Retired

Stud Service Available


Carl is the gentleman of our kennels. He is a great specimen of what a lab should look like and just as importantly, what they should act like. I bought Carl as a young puppy and without question, he learned faster than any dog I have ever trained. He has a joyful spirit and can best be described as passionate, but sensible. He has always been able to put a smile on my face and his total obedience is refreshing. Carl's offspring’s biggest trait is the honesty that they show in character and temperament. Irish Creek Augustus is the son of Carl.

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