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The Labs at Workingman Kennels are out the British field trial gene pool. Our commitment to excellence in our breeding program will not be compromised for a quick dollar. The British Field Trial gene pool will be the foundation for our breeding program, it will make for the best opportunity for the everyday hunter to own and enjoy these excellent retrievers.

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Here are the qualities that can be expected from puppies or started dogs from Workingman Kennels:

Desire to Please:

A dog with a good attitude and a desire to please will make for a dog that is easy to train and a pleasure to be with!

Desire to Retrieve:

The desire to retrieve is bred in the dog. All that is required is to naturally develop the desire. At first two or three retrieves a day is sufficient. Remember - Fun Bumpers - Just Say NO!!!

Steady and Obedient:

50% of your time should be spent on obedience, steadying, and honor drills if you want a non-slip retriever.


British Labs on the whole are highly intelligent dogs. They absorb lessons taught rather quickly. You won't need a PHD in dog training to get the desired results.


British Labs out of the Field Trial gene pool are game finding athletes. If you are looking for show dogs, look somewhere else.

A dog's potential and trainability is determined by the breeding. Excellence is never achieved by chance. My findings are that the dog must have an exuberant desire to please and have impeccable manners in home or field. Wrap this exuberant desire and impeccable manners into a training plan and then follow through with plan, and you will have a fine gundog and family member.

Now that we know we are breeding for potential and trainability we will use the pedigree as our instrument for determining the mating. Through study and review I have acquired my knowledge of pedigrees. In present day with frozen semen use we are able to consolidate past with present. Prominent Sires will have a major influence on future breedings at Workingman Kennels.

No sire has been more influential than Pocklea Remus, 1991 British Champion.Between 1993 and 2005, dogs sired by him have qualified for retriever championship 54 tikes. Remus was whelped in 1986. His sire was Haretor Mark of Drakeshead. Dam was Drakeshead Gypsy. Gypsy was handled by Dave Garbutt to 3rd place in 1984 championship. Gypsy was mated to Breeze of Drakeshead and produced 1988 winner Pocklea Tide of Middlegate. To my knowledge Gypsy is only dam to have produced two championship winners. Mark was out of Swinbrook Tan line, hinself and two time championship winner and sire of 15 FTCH's. Aughacasla Sam of Drakeshead, and Irish import also had a major influence. Sam was bred to Lochmuier Bonny and produced Craighorn Bracken, 2001 British Champion. Bonnie aRemus daughter was bred to Baldonian Baron of Craighorn and produced Craighorn Spud.MH HRCH. Baron sired 2004 and 2006 Irish Champion Myreton Diablo of Glenloch, Broadlaw Elder of Laggengil among others.

While dams don't have the opportunity to to influence the same as sires, breeding history has shown that Gypsy, Bonnie, and Glenpatrick Eve had a major influence. Eve was out of 1998 Champion Garedon Captain and Glenpatric Halo (Remus grandaughter) She was 3rd in 2001 Championship. When put to 2007 Willowyck Ruff, FTCH Pocklea Adder, Ftch Stradis Ben she produced quite a few champions. An astounding fact is that out of 54 entries in 2009 Championship Eve was the dam of six. Now after discussing breeding history, we will be able to insure you have an understanding of our breeding program. We acquired our brood dogs for the purpose of producing the best pups and not by pot luck chance breeding. Having said this, is this what sets us apart from other breeders! In my opinion we have assembled the finest group of dogs you can find anywhere. PEDIGREES MATTER

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