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he purpose of Workingman Gun dog Kennels is to make authentic British Labrador shooting dogs available and affordable for the workingman. No longer will a select elite few be the only ones to enjoy these special Labradors! Through a careful breeding process the quality of labs bred at Workingman Kennels will be sustained and improvement will be the goal. Honest straight forward information and services are our policy.

After investing my time and effort and having a continuous struggle with hardheaded American labs I decided to try another way. After many hours of research for a calm trainable gun dog, I found the British Labrador gun dog worthy of the investment in time and effort to end up with an excellent hunting dog as well as a companion.

After identifying the British Lab for my gun dog I started an intense study of pedigrees for the best bred dogs. What I found was a few breeders in the U.K. who consistently produced and trained the top field trial champions. Suffering in my ignorance, I discovered most of these outstanding dogs were the result of a careful process of line breeding. Armed with my new found knowledge I started buying puppies and occasional young bitches for the quality brood dogs that would meet my kennel requirements. Now with a solid base of brood bitches, I am able to produce puppies and started dogs second to none.


 Sires of Workingman Dams

With a solid base of brood dogs, I decided to start a AI breeding program using frozen semen from best sires in England Scotland or Ireland. See Sire Page for sires we will be using. While this a long range breeding plan, It will best serve our customers and ensure that we are breeding best pups possible. Please see our BREEDING PAGE for a history and plans for our breeding program.

While our efforts may be hunting dogs, our British gun dog Labradors are equally adept as Diabetic Alert Dogs, Sporting Lifestyle Dogs, Special Assistance Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Search and Rescue Dogs, or for that matter our British Labradors will meet or fill any need that is required in a Specialty Dog as well being the ultimate hunting pal and family companion.

After considerable thought  I decided  on a payment plan to help and and meet the needs of people who may need help in acquiring  a specialty need dog. Go to the puppy page to view Workingman Gun Dog Kennels Payment Plan. For those who choose to use Workingman Kennels Payment Plan a percentage of the price of each pup will be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.




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